2013 . . . it is all about ENERGY!

Need more energy? Don’t know how to get it? Then take a quick read to learn what you can do to re-acquaint yourself with this renewable resource!

Be organised  

A daily routine can help you keep on top of a demanding workload.   Don’t be the manager of interruptions.   Manage how people interrupt you by:

i.     Scheduling when people can interrupt you.   Allowing people to constantly ask you questions at any time will see a big drop in your productivity.   Poor productivity will see you spending more time at the office at the end of the day completing those tasks that you started but never finished due to the incessant number of interruptions.

ii.     Setting time aside for checking emails.  Too many people run their day from their email in box.  In essence, this means that those people are reacting and responding to the tasks that third parties set them throughout their day rather than paying attention to those important tasks on their own ‘to do list’.

iii.     Updating your personal assistant at the start of the day on what matters need to be completed.   They can then work with you to ensure they are completed and they can also place other matters into holding patterns subject to their level of urgency.

iv.     Training people about how they can interrupt you.  Your staff and support personnel need to understand how you work on a day-to-day basis.   The person that welcomes interruption will always be interrupted by the most trivial and ridiculous queries.   Those that have rules around their time management will cause a third person to think twice before interrupting you at any moment throughout the day and will quickly learn to run things past you at times agreed to by you.

By scheduling interruptions, you will be better placed to complete those tasks that are complicated and that require a higher degree of ‘think time’.

Establish a strong routine

Being organised will see you establish a strong routine.   People who love being interrupted do not have the required discipline to maintain an effective routine.   I can hear people moan already that on some days you just get interrupted on urgent matters.   A strong routine will provide the required flexibility to respond to urgent matters. And remember, everything cannot be urgent . . . sensible priorities must be placed on all matters that demand your time.

Physical activity

Managing interruptions and establishing a routine will see you having the required time for physical activity.   Start with a 20-minute routine to get things rolling.  Then build up to 40 – 60 minutes of physical activity three times per week.   You will de-stress your body by committing to cardiovascular activities that will see you perform better on a daily basis.

Regular physical activity will provide you with that much needed ‘white space’.   White space to ponder things, think things over and to simply relax by taking the time to do something else outside of work.

How many of us say ‘I don’t have time to go to the gym!’   It is said over and over by many of us.   The simple solution is to make time.   By being better organised and by managing interruptions, you will find the time required for 20 to 60 minutes of physical exercise.

Make it a priority on your ‘to do list’ and let people know the nights, mornings or lunch times that have been set aside for this activity.   They will work with you to make sure you stay true to the commitment.


Set a new sleep time.   It is important to establish a good sleeping pattern.

An earlier bedtime can provide for an earlier start in the morning.   This can lead to a change to the morning routine by having the day start off in the gym.  Suddenly that old cliché of not having enough time is in the past and your gym routine is not interrupted by urgent matters that suddenly appear late in the day.

The above four steps can easily re-energise your person on a day-to-day basis.   Focus on them to ensure that 2013 brings more energy to your daily routine.

High energy levels . . .  make it your New Year’s resolution!