A 35 page social media policy? What’s that all about?

The professional in all walks of life is embracing social to further enhance their entanglement with an audience who want to consume their digital footprint.   Are you embracing social?  Or is your social media policy proving to be a major stumbling block?  

The old saying was “We are who Google say we are” – today it is more about what others are saying in Social about us.

Like the research completed by Forrester has confirmed, the face-to-face meeting remains important, however, social media goes on to provide plenty of answers to an inquirer that either affirms the professional’s authority and influence or detracts from it.

The corporate aim today is to allow employees to have a voice; a voice strapped to a digital platform that enables them to be advocates of the brand; a platform from where customers can embrace and share the employee’s why.

Obviously, there is work to be done at an organisational level to embrace the sheer power of the social media offering.

CEO’s around the world have confirmed that their lack of a social presence is a fact that keeps them awake at night.   They are tired with their organisation being the last to react to a chain of ‘social sound bytes’ about their brand.   For them, the challenge is about getting out in front of the customer, to hero the brand and to dictate the experience and the ultimate moments of truth that people share around their brand.

Social is an ongoing conversation that stakeholders in large corporates must embrace in the short term.   Involving an outside influence into these discussions is well worth considering.