Black . . . new or old . . . it is still black!

Take a look around and you will notice that everyone is dressed in black.   There is so much black in fashion today that some clever designer decided to bring out something called ‘the new black’ some years back!   I can’t recognise the difference, but they are very persuasive in their tired argument that suggests it is new!

Well I say move on from the old and from the newly styled black.   Introduce some colour to your world and be ‘black framed’ by all those wearing black.  Be that person wearing colour in the black framed picture!

Have you noticed the impact colour has with its ability to make a bold and bright statement as it enters a room?  Have you heard the comments that colour attracts?   ‘Gorgeous!’ ‘Beautiful!’ Amazing!’ ‘Love it!’   Have you seen how incredibly engaging it is?   No?   Then mix with those audacious enough to splash a little colour across their wardrobe and listen to the stream of favourable comments that follows their rainbow.   Better still, be that audacious fun seeking person who is willing to dare and experiment with their colour palette.   It will change your whole outlook!   Humour me!

Don’t be another shade of black.   Brighten your day and the day of those you meet by introducing some colour.    Stop being the black frame that makes those wearing colour look so radiant!   Be that talking point; that showstopper; that drama act by embracing colour!   You will feel good, look good and without a doubt, you will attract a crowd who will totally engage with your willingness to be different to those addicted to the old and new shades of black.

So be a gem, and help us out by putting some colour in our day!