Connectivity . . . Do it today . . . Go Social!

I love the age of ‘Digital Darwinism!’   An age that sees unrivalled connectivity with others across the globe.

Digital platforms that see the celebration of my favourite photos, quotes and thoughts being shared at the click of a button . . . Click to post and it’s ‘out there!’

And the conversations that flow with newfound connections are interesting, informative and with their references to bizarre facts and figures, they can be extremely eclectic!   It is easy to see how people become so entangled with the social medium.

This new Social Era sees people embracing their new connectivity with great colour in their expression.   You only have to look at sites like Pinterest to see the fun people are having with their pin boards!

It is the deep and rich content of these sites that creates a compulsion in all of us to share the latest and greatest post, tweet and pin board.   And it was through my own compulsive behaviour on social media that gave me the opportunity to be introduced to Monica Nielsen.   And I thank social media for the introduction!

I first connected with Monica on Twitter.   Then Facebook, Pinterest and later LinkedIn.   In so many ways, this introduction over a social platform has been my most colourful to date.   Monica fills her posts full of colour, inspirational quotes and thought provoking comments.   You only have to look at her Pinterest page at to understand the colour of her expression.

Whilst running a busy business, Monica is living proof that it is possible to run an effective social media campaign with incredible success.   With over 10,000 ‘Likes’ on her ‘Hair Extensions by Monica’ Facebook page and with more than 60,0000 followers on Twitter, Monica can celebrate in the fact that her corporate message and brand is being spruiked across the globe day and night.

I think the motto, ‘Embrace, Engage and Entangle’ best reflects the success that Monica has had with her social media campaign.   Whether I, a man who is follicly challenged will be entangled with a hair extension by Monica is a debate for another time and place!   However, it is safe to say that I am entangled with the colour of Monica’s expression, and for that I am happy.   I think you too would be happy to be embraced by that expression and greeting on a daily basis.

So thanks Monica.   Thanks for brightening our day with dazzling colour, expression and wit.   Thanks for connecting with your social media friend from ‘Down Under’.   I look forward to your further posts that I will then share across my social community . . . I know they will look good accessorised in your extended ‘bling’!

So just like Monica . . . share your brand, your story and your unique offering . . . the world is ready to listen.   Embrace, engage and entangle with your social community today!   Success awaits you at the click of a button!