Embrace, Engage and Wrestle With Your Inner Lion! Get on your way to becoming King of the Social Media Jungle!

The phrase, to have the ‘heart of a lion’, means to be fiercely brave. The lion is renown for its courage and will face any challenge with a fierce determination.  This is the attitude you and your organisation need to have in order to grow and make use of the opportunities that modern technology is offering us.

Today’s social era presents business and individuals with new challenges.   It has never been easier to broadcast your message and to have your audience propagate that message to the masses.  Notwithstanding the relative ease associated with pushing out your unique message, many businesses continue to adopt the old style-marketing format in the hope that ‘old habits will continue to die hard’.   I am surprised with this ‘business as usual’ approach given the opportunities presented to business within the paradigm of the social era.

With 1.4 billion people[1] around the world engaging on social media platforms, a staggering slice of the world’s population, it’s hard to believe that some organisations are still second guessing their need to ‘get social’.

I hear their cries:

“We don’t have enough time!  We don’t have the resources!  We just don’t know how to engage in social”  No one can tell us the ROI!!.

There are always so many reasons not to do something that is new, scary, bold and a little different. But fortune favours the bold and the brave! And opportunities multiply as and when they are seized. It’s time, right now, to embrace your inner lion and meet the new challenge of the social era head on.

So let’s get down to grass roots. Right down to the essence of the long grass reeds of the Savannah.

What are five things you can do today, to start getting your business engaged?

  1. More of what you’re doing right now. Read. Get informed. Get in contact with knowledgeable professionals in the social media space. Ask questions. Learn. Look. Listen and absorb all that happens in your space. Even the mighty lion doesn’t plough into a confrontation blindly and without the necessary preparation.
  2. Start to define your social objectives. You must know where you’re coming from and understand where you are headed.  In other words, you need to understand, respect and appreciate the essence of your brand so you can enter the social media conversation with your audience with great confidence.
  3. The next major step is to target your audience. By defining your target audience you will have a better idea as to what social channels are to be used to connect with them. Understanding the persona of the audience is a key aspect to audience identification, engagement and entanglement.   Failing to understand the persona of the audience will result in your corporate message falling on deaf ears.
  4. Start gathering shareable content. If you want to hit the ground running and rise up to social glory, then you need to be thinking two steps ahead of your next post.  Don’t burst on to the social scene and run out of content in the early days.
  5. Understand and respect that your social play is a long-term play.   Results will not be immediate.   But with continued effort and with a strong resolve you will ride the social wave with promising results.

Remember, everything starts with a conversation.  Social media is ‘your conversation on multiple platforms streaming across the web and it is being consumed by your audience on platforms where they choose to consume your content’. The aim is to make sure you are on the right platform pushing shareable content with your audience.

So get busy tweeting, pinning, posting and commenting.   Your brand will love you for it!   Your social conversation MUST start today.