Engage with a smile!

I read the HBR Blog by Sarah Green entitled ‘Morning Advantage: What It Makes to Make an Airline Human’ with great interest and with a nodding head.   It confirmed the importance of putting ‘social’ back into our working day to show that we are in fact human first and business people second.

It also took me back to one of my earlier blogs in which I emphasised the need to say ‘thank you’.   Saying thank you is as important as a smile.  It shows your appreciation for the circumstances that surround your person.  And those around you only benefit from your willingness to show a common courtesy that is so often overlooked in our fast paced society.

I liked the point made by Nilofer Merchant in Green’s article:

The lesson? This isn’t about “the brand” or even “customer service,” argues Merchant. It’s about bringing social to work; a kind of social that has less to do with media, and more to do with its original meaning of (oh yeah) being human.

So be human! Smile more and when the opportunity presents, say thank you without expectation for anything in return.   The results will surprise you with everyday presenting you with a different outcome to the changing face of your engagement.