Get Stuff Done – The GSD Factor!

Get Stuff Done!

On your team you need people who are infected with the GSD Factor.  Too many people delay, are slow to respond, slow to make a decision, slow to turn things around, just have no ability to Get Stuff Done.

The GSD Factor is a skill that some people naturally possess.   However, it is a skill that can be taught.  People can be empowered to act with GSD in their day to day decision making.  Give them the freedom to make decisions without hesitation, and things progress with greater regularity and with rapid speed.

With little hesitation in the decision making process, relevant stakeholders and interested third parties are kept up to date, and more importantly, they remain engaged and completely entangled with your organisation if there exists a GSD Factor.  They become infected by the complete lack of red tape.  They love the fast pace of your decision making culture.  They remain interested in the project and strive to deliver their services and products in a similar vain.  In essence, the GSD Factor develops a healthy vehicle of respect between the consulting parties.  It prevents things growing tired and old.  It keeps things current.  If things hang around for too long they wither on the vine and grow mouldy.  That’s not where you want your transaction to sit.   Your transaction does not deserve to be left isolated at the back of the bread box with a fast approaching expiry date.

People respect the GSD Factor.  People celebrate the GSD Factor.  But people also moan and complain about the lack of GSD if they or their transaction is neglected.  And neglect can take the shape of many forms.  Neglect can manifest itself in many ways.  A person’s inability to organise a timely meeting is neglect and suggests that they are either not interested; have no authority to confirm that fact; or lack a GSD to get the job done.

So, just for a moment, step back and assess the GSD of your people and the overall GSD of your organisation.  Question your customers to see if they believe you and your organisation have a GSD Factor.   Don’t be afraid.  Be courageous with your inquiries and busy yourself by instilling a GSD campaign in your business today.