Harnessing the Social Era!

B2B has now worked out the power of social and the B2B conversation is now shifting to social platforms.

In an age where traditional marketing is having less impact, business has grown to accept the need to include a social element as an essential part of the overall B2B marketing strategy.   This approach makes sense when you question:

  • When was the last time you opened spam email?
  • How grateful are you for receiving direct marketing material in the mail?
  • Can you resist the urge to change stations on the radio when confronted with 3 minutes of rolling advertisements?
  • Do you watch television and mute the ads?

Traditional marketing is now so easy to avoid.  People shy away from its direct nature, which reduces its effectiveness.  And compare this mindset to your social interactivity.   Likes, Shoutouts, Retweets, Favourites and Shares are part of the new day-to-day actions that see you propagating material from one social community to the next.  B2B social just makes more sense!

It is beyond doubt that the conversation now has a fierce social orientation.  B2B is beginning to master the art of the social chitchat that sees business growing stronger communities and greater brand awareness in their market space and beyond.

So leverage the conversation.  Propagate your message to wider communities.  Entangle your brand and unique offering by adding social to your marketing activities.  And take the opportunity with social to move from a business to customer centric approach to one that now allows engagement and influence with your peers.

But beware!  These things never work when you jump straight in.  So many people tell me ‘we tried it and the results were poor’ or ‘we have no ‘likes’ so why would we bother?’

With everything you do, you need a plan.  So what do we need to start with?

Here are some pointers:

  • Set down clear objectives.  You will never hit the social target if you have no way of knowing what it looks like.
  • Know your audience.  The audience will influence the conversation and will impact on what you push out under item number 3.
  • Content, Content, Content.   You need quality content.  Content that will engage your audience and provoke a conversation about your brand.

Content that will lead to further propagation of your unique message.   If you lack content, your social campaign will fizzle before it starts.

  • People resources are needed.   Assemble a team of radicals and appoint a champion to co-ordinate the sustained effort.
  • Listen to your audience and be ready to respond to any feedback received from their social listening.
  • And above all . . . be seen to be having fun with it.  Conversation is fun!  So be less serious, inject some humour and your content will find a wider audience with great acceptance.

Take every advantage this digital age offers.  Engage with your audience and monitor their response with great gusto!