How SMOT (Social Moment of Truth) replaces ZMOT

Google originally won our hearts in search by delivering the results that were relevant to our search requests.  But now the landscape has changed!

Today, Google has removed API functionality that once allowed SEO experts to better provide organic ranking and now Google is taking up more screen real estate with their paid ads and other Google products.  For instance, a Google search on your mobile phone will not return an organic result until the fifth full page scroll. The first four screens will show Google paid advertising; Google hosted results; Google places and Google map data.

So the question becomes, is it worth trying to optimise organic search results on the Google platform? The answer depends on our version and interpretation of the truth in search.

What do we now know about search?

  1. The above is true.
  2. Google places a premium on great social media content.
  3. Content is King; Marketing is Queen.
  4. People spend more time researching on Facebook and other social media platforms before they get to Google.
  5. Mobile search is replacing desktop search.
  6. Peer to peer referral and recommendations are more powerful than Google organic search.
  7. Social content is more trusted than marketing spin.
  8. Social search and recommendations have commoditised the service offering of the professional
  9. Relationship marketing is more powerful than brand marketing
  10. ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) is being disrupted by SMOT –  “The Social Moment of Truth”*

Where to from here?

Today, it is important to embrace your digital footprint.  There is a need to increase your social play on a daily basis – it is so important to place resources into this area of your business.  This investment will build trust and relevance around your brand and your people and will contribute to your SMOT disrupting the ZMOT moving forward.

*SMOT is a Trade mark of Clear Group Australia and is used by ClickOnSocial under express permission from Clear Group Australia.