If your life could be set to a sound track . . .

If the events in your life could be accompanied and synchronised to some wicked tunes . . .

No doubt the tracks would vary on a daily basis to reflect your mood, emotional state and stress levels.

It would be awesome to sit back and watch replays of your daily grind to a custom made sound track.   Your highs and lows captured in time to some tunes that just reflect the moment for what it was!

‘Sweet Disposition’ when you elegantly play the trump card at the board meeting that seals the deal!

The Foo Fighters screaming “Is someone getting the best of you” when trading blows with your boss who makes it their daily mission to cut you to the quick.

Linkin Parks’ ‘In Pieces’ on the night the romance went sour.

Bono’s poetic line about ‘not letting the bastards grind you down’ playing at a time when you felt you were at your limits.

Our sporting hero’s have their tape set to music at the end of the game’s play.   Their trials and tribulations replayed in perfect harmony to the sound of some inspirational tracks that see the replay slowed just as the music reaches its crescendo!   We sit spellbound in a state of reflection – admiration for their effort being captured in every comment we make about their perfect play.

If your life could be recorded against a sound track, would it keep you engaged for longer when rolling with the punches?   Would you work harder to produce a better highlights reel?    Would you have any special requests for the DJ to emphasise that moment of glory; that brilliant play of the day?

Imagine if your organisation took the time to celebrate moments in this way.   To glorify your high achievers with a replay of their brilliant moments!   Far fetched?   Not really.   We have the tech, it just takes some time and effort and some forward thinking to put it together.

Ultimately, it is things like this; things that seem a little crazy, a little far fetched that help build workplace culture.   Hand someone a tape of their finer moments set to some awesome tunes and it will be like handing them a six-figure bonus.   It is unexpected.   It is out of the ordinary.   It will be a great motivator that will see them striving for greatness in the hope that one such moment might make it to their replay reel.

It will be talked about, celebrated and revered by peers, colleagues and competitors.   People will line up wanting to work for an organisation that empowers staff with such innovation.

In this day and age it is important to maintain an innovative work environment.   It makes sense to celebrate key moments in a fashion that is out of the ordinary.

The use of innovative methods can be used as a means of unifying team members when things have not gone to script.   Our sporting hero’s have their pain, injuries and errors replayed.   They learn from their mistakes and strive to ensure future highlights are of happier, more successful moments in their sporting careers.

So if your life could be recorded to a sound track and replayed at the touch of a button, what tracks would you want played?   Think about it!   You might be handed your highlights reel at your next review!   Now that would be awesome, random and totally unexpected!