Make them believe in you . . .

No matter what it is you do, make those who engage you, those you serve, those you work with, believe in you.

Simple?   Well it sounds simple.   Possible?   Of course it is possible.   Difficult?   Can be.   Where do you start? It starts with you.

And here’s the rub.   People around the world are in search for something and someone to believe in.

Simon Hammond in his book BE Brands contends:

We’re desperate to find people with like-minded and very real beliefs that we can align to and gain strength from.

Hammond says that people need to believe in things, in people, in hope.   He says:

We want to believe in where we work, who we work for.  We want to believe in people doing great things in our community . . .

So take a moment to think about your own ‘self-portrait’.    What does it stand for?   Can people believe in it?   Do you believe in it?

As a simple starting point in our quest for ‘belief’, the following factors will help people believe in your personal brand:


Some people might be engaging you for the first time.   Are you approachable?   Will they be met with a friendly smile and greeting?   Or is it your habit to display a degree of arrogance, annoyance or a general displeasure when in their company?

A warm friendly greeting, a smile and some small talk can go along way toward helping with your approachability.   People will warm to you in a shorter time frame should you display characteristics of a person who is willing to chat, listen and offer something to the conversation.


People are quick to make some very gross and rough assessments about those they have only met for the first time.

Thirty seconds is all it takes for people to pass a rough judgment on your character.

Within this period, it makes sense to display the characteristics of a confident person.   Again, being approachable, engaging people with a smile and good eye contact is all it takes for the person or group you are meeting to see you as a confident person who is ready and willing to be engaged.

Watch as the next group of people enters the room.   It maybe a movie theatre, it maybe the boardroom at work or it might be the aerobics room at the gym.   Watch and see how people enter that space.   And from your observations make some quick conclusions about their character within thirty seconds.   This quick assessment will give you a quick overview about those you are about to meet for the first time.   It will also prove to you just how easy it is for someone to make the same quick assessment of your own person.


A determined character usually displays the characteristics of a resilient person.    Determination is an attractive trait in a world that is deprived of true leadership and real heroes.

With determination people find it within themselves to stay true to their vision and purpose.   This attribute easily carries across into a person’s personal brand.   For example, in the service industry it could be a determination to see the service delivered to the customer on time and with a smile.   In personal training, it could be a determination to see the client tone, lose weight or gain much needed fitness for a triathlon or marathon.

Overall, determination is a key ingredient for ensuring that people’s expectations are met.  It is a factor that will ultimately reveal whether you are a person who people will believe in.


Above all, there is the crucial element of courage.

The courage to re-package something that has been done before and to make it different, better, stronger or more desirable.   The courage to be different.  The courage and preparedness to live your own life and to bring your own touch to an old story that will make it new again.

Steve Jobs said:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.   Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown out your own inner voice.   And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.   They somehow already know what you truly want to become.   Everything else is secondary.  


Giving something for people to believe in is as simple as ACDC.   Easy to remember and something to challenge yourself with on a daily basis.

So with great approachability and with incredible confidence, have the determination and the courage to be different – to give the world a unique offering that people can and will believe in.