Motion Device

Motion Device[1]  . . .  tune in today!

I was fortunate enough to learn about Motion Device through my good friend and social media consultant and promoter, Kellie Leigh[2].

Kellie sent me a link to their music and I was immediately impressed.

I liked what I heard and then I liked what I read when I saw this quote:

‘Don’t make the small insignificant news be the focus of our lives.   Important issues in the world require our attention’  (Motion Device)

The above quote has been written with a youthful eye.   An eye that has seen the importance associated with slowing down and focusing on the important issues rather than being concerned with insignificant matters that are trivial and energy sapping.   This quote got me very intrigued about this band called Motion Device.

When listening to music, we are forced to be in the moment.   We are embraced by its rhythm, passion and by its soulful message.   It is nice to hear a rawness of emotion that brings about a compelling feeling that builds a desire from within our person to tune in for more of the same.   I got this feeling when listening to Motion Device.

It is the band’s emotional intensity that seeks to enhance your interest in its members, the lead singer, the meaning behind the songs, the band’s direction and reason for being.   This intensity all culminates in a passion for the band’s music to be played over and over and with an audience wanting more.   And that’s what I found when listening to Motion Device for the first time.   I wanted to know more about this band.  I wanted to understand its intensity, its spirit and heart beat.   So I did a little digging and here is what I found:

The lead singer, Sara is 10.   She has a comfort behind the microphone that would make seasoned artists jealous.   Her voice carries through double kick drums and heavily distorted guitars!   She is a pocket rocket in the body of a 10 year old, but she sings with a depth of emotion and with a lyric that puts 10 years on her person!   Some have described her as the next Queen of Rock!  So stay tuned I say!

David, brother of Sara; this guy can hit a heavy drum!   At the age of 13, he has made music the true focus of his life, and why not when you have such a raging talent!   He has a passion for heavy rock and metal and that passion carries over in his thump’n play!

Andrea, sister to Sara and David, has been playing piano and keyboard since the age of 5.   And just to mix it up a little, Andrea started studying bass and electric guitar four years ago.   I really admire Andrea.   She has a special talent that makes her shine notwithstanding her epilepsy that affects her in the form of absence seizures.   Andrea is proof that you can rise above your circumstances with passion, dedication, diligence and persistence.   You go girl!

Alex picked up his guitar when he was 13 and has not looked back.   He is a fan of heavier rock and was influenced by Green Day in his early days.   He is now an accomplished guitar player and is happy to help out on bass when duty calls.

Josh, an 18 year old, first picked up a guitar 5 years ago.   His prowess on the guitar is influenced by all types of genres with the main one being the music crafted by guitar virtuoso, Steve Vai.   And why not, given Steve’s talent and record album sales that surpass the 15 million mark.

For me, music is about inspiration.   It is a story within a story.   By understanding those who create the lyric and the sound, it changes the experience.   I am looking forward to Motion Device’s future offerings given what I now know about this band . . . it should prove to be interesting, revealing and extraordinary.   Tune in people . . . it should be a wild ride!   I look forward to the journey!