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Damien Schulze / My Supporters
Damien is one of the most energetic and clear thinking people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has provided me with great insight into bettering the processes within my own company and those of my clients. Damien is an excellent resource for bouncing any and all commercial ideas, and has been outstanding in providing corporate legal advice. I recommend Damien to anyone who wants success in obtaining any of their professional and life goals.
Matt Baker
Damien has a “Dashing” Lifestyle and remarkable people’ skills. He is energetic, strategic and a forward thinker. Damien embraces life with such passion and engages life with a truly bright smile that is contagious.
Monica Nielsen
Damien is a very capable and entertaining MC as well as an up front person who possesses a host of business talents!He brings some sharp commercial acumen to an event which he uses to skillfully connect speaker’s topics with the audience. He’s not there to hear the sound of his own voice but to add value to the audience experience and the business he is representing. This approach provokes the delivery of a simple and powerful message .. and an enjoyable event.
Mark Bloodworth
Damien places a premium on the provision of quality service and is committed to successful outcomes. Energetic & strategic with great ‘people’ skills, he is particularly strong at developing lasting relationships. His style is direct & no nonsense.
David Marks
Damien is a straight forward thinker with solutions based approach to any issue at hand. He is a person with unique set of skills combining the attributes of a knowledgeable commercial lawyer, an entrepreneur and a creator of new technologies. Damien is not afraid to reach above and beyond his capabilities and always does it with a smile. I can say with confidence that if Damien is on the job – the job will get done and it will hold to a very high standard.
Jane Garber
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