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My What

Damien Schulze / My What
Interactions with clients today are much different than what was the traditional network play of yesteryear. Now there is a need to engage across the social spectrum which demands the adoption of different tools, objectives and strategic thought.

My What creates engagement, customer entanglement and provides the customer with a 360 degree view of their business enterprise via a tailored social media strategy.

My customers can develop and maintain their customer base throughout the entire customer life cycle by utilising a social media strategy. The social media strategy allows my customers’ customer to gain a broader and more in-depth insight into their unique business offering.


Damien is a compelling speaker in the social media arena.   He is known for bringing great passion and energy to his presentations.   Energising and enlivening a room is one of Damien’s true passions.

Strategic pathways

Having that trusted adviser to set the strategy and work on your key business objectives can be what stands between you, social success and outstanding business growth.

Content creation

Great content that will entangle your audience with your unique brand, product or service must be created on a regular basis.

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