Play it safe at your own risk . . . don’t procrastinate over the things you really want out of life!

A friend summed it up nicely the other day with this random text that was sent to me on her morning walk to work . . .

“To be or not to be?  That’s the question.   Too many people get stuck on the answer.   Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t get stuck worrying about the outcome. . . . Get busy being it; whatever it might be  . . . “

I drew many conclusions from this statement.   I thought about how busy we are with our daily ritual.   The daily ritual of showing up to our job each day.   Punching the attendance clock on the way in and on the way out.

We go through the motions of being compliant with the demands of others.   Trying to please third parties with our daily effort and output of work.   Unfortunately, it is often the case that we do this with little regard for our own desires and dreams.   Or we do it to frustrate them, to chase them away with our commitment to sameness day in and day out.   To be safe; to remain unchallenged and to live an uncomplicated life.

There is nothing wrong with punching the attendance clock.   There is nothing wrong with being compliant with the demands of others.   If that’s what you signed up for, then congratulations, you have been successful in your endeavours and that’s great!

But if you want more from your daily ritual, then be prepared to mix it up, to challenge yourself with some hard decisions that will challenge the daily comfort you derive from your apparent commitment to sameness and routine.

Those who mix it up, those who are prepared to challenge the status quo, who have a preparedness to take life on, have and will continue to assume high risk in exchange for the possibility of receiving a high return.   They are the crazy ones.   They bravely look life in the eye with a preparedness to challenge the living heck out of it.    They have wrestled with their inner demons that seek to hold them back.   They have defeated those demons by giving into their desires that sees them yearning for more.   The dam wall that once contained their urges, that perpetuated their days of procrastination has succumbed, no longer could it hold back their urge for more knowledge, experience and fulfillment.  Put simply, those who procrastinate won’t experience the freedom enjoyed by the crazy ones.

Marjorie Pay Hinckley puts it this way:

The trick is to enjoy life.  Don’t wish away your days for better ones ahead.  

The take away is to pursue those dreams you are constantly toying with.  It seems that every year we promise ourselves that magnificent change we have been longing for.   We look forward to mixing it up just a little to make things that little bit more exciting.   And then the year comes and it goes and there is little to no change in the state of our dreams becoming a reality any time soon.

Ultimately it is important to get busy ‘doing’ rather than being content with the idea of change itself.   Fear can be a great motivator but it can also be crippling in our effort to bring about significant change to our person.   So procrastination becomes the great disease that gets in our way over and over again.   There is always tomorrow we tell ourselves.

Well I am telling you that it is tomorrow already.  So it starts now.   Don’t wish away your days; don’t let the grass grow under your feet; don’t procrastinate for another second.   Chase down that dream by taking the first step.   Make your wishes come true – you never know, you just might stop punching that attendance clock!   Make it happen today – don’t delay it any longer!