Professional Service Providers In The Social Mix

When I think of professional service organisations and how they interact with their client base, I come to the quick conclusion that these firms are social in their nature.   They are social organisations that have social interactions with clients and prospects on a daily basis.   

New business is gained via word of mouth; through referrals; connecting with professional networks to name but a few ways that reflect the means by which the professional gathers work within the boundaries of a social setting.

Showcasing the skills of the professional person is an absolute must for these service organisations.   Displaying specialised knowledge is a constant driver that provides for the continued promotion of the professional brand.   The generation of carefully considered content is important, however, that content must also be engaging and must entice the audience to ‘read on’.  

Content generation promotes a means by which professionals can connect to their audience.  That content can be easily shared and liked and it assists with building the reputational capital of both the brand and the individual.  

The one thing that stands out from all of the above is the importance of having an organisational culture that embraces social media.   Social media connectivity in professional services is crucial in today’s competitive and noisy market place.  

It is obvious that the professional today can be very empowered by their social play.  They can easily promote their skill set and build on their reputational capital by embracing social engines to push their professional offering to a broader audience.  

Social technology has made the web a very dynamic place to play.   It is a place that is in a constant state of flux with its provocative flare, personality and colour.   A place that allows for great participation.    The interactivity and connectedness that now results from our online world spells “opportunity” for all who embrace the power of the social medium.  

So use its power to allow your audience to start its relationship with you in the virtual world first.   There are only so many hours in a day.  They can’t be spent meeting everyone in person . . . so use the power of social to showcase your skills; your personality and more point of difference.