Respect your audience

Whilst presenting in Canberra yesterday, there was some great discussion on how it is so important today to show respect to your audience.

Allowing the audience to connect with you in a seamless fashion is crucial in today’s noisy world.

If you make the connection too difficult, people will skip over your service offering in preference of a third party offering that shows greater respect to the audience.

In the context of this blog, respect refers to how you promote your message across the digital landscape.  Respect is demonstrated in the context of whether it is possible for a user to easily consume your content on their smart phone and tablet.  If engagement with your offering is easy, then you are showing a high level of respect to your audience.  If engagement across digital devices is awkward, then you are jeopardising your business relationship with your audience.

Embrace and engage with respect.  To do anything else will quickly place you on the wrong side of history and you and your brand will lose relevance in this crowded, noisy and busy marketplace.