Social Recruitment – The Long Play

“Ah! You want to know what the ROI on Social Media is? Let me make this easy then.  The ROI on Social Media in recruitment is that your business will still exist in 5 years time.”  Greg Savage

Is “not enough documented ROI” holding you back from taking your business to the social frontier? Don’t let it!

Five years time . . . 2017 . . . What will it look like?

Will social media’s power and influence wither over the next 5 years?   Are we merely experimenting with this newfound uber-connectivity with a willingness to revert back to more traditional and centralised ways of working?

If you believe that social media’s power will diminish or wane over the next few years, then you need to quickly turn that page, dismiss the chapter, burn the book and just to be absolutely safe, change authors pronto!  Make no mistake.  The social era is here to stay and its influence will only grow and become more embedded in business over the next 12 months, not to mention how entangled it will be in business over the next 5 years.

Our uber – connectivity provides us with the means to connect and leverage multiple levels of the organisatonal structure.   Resources, both technical and human, if leveraged correctly, provide the individual with a more connected and relevant voice in what is becoming a very loud and crowded marketplace.

The ability to broadcast a message faster, louder, harder and more efficiently will provide a critical edge to any business.   And what’s the ROI on the ability to do that?   Who cares!  It makes sense to move in that direction and here’s why:

  • The ability to entangle the customer in product development, to provide the customer with ownership of the development stage, will see the customer enjoy its newfound partnership role with your business.
  • The customer will embrace this creative role through the power of their influence over product development and direction.   And business will enjoy the relevance of their viewpoint.  A viewpoint that will be shared and pushed over the various social platforms.
  • Customer input, customer feedback and increased customer participation rates greatly affect your ability to adapt to a changing landscape.   Your customer becomes an essential part of your community and within this comes a shared purpose between their requirements and the requirements of the business.   A symbiotic relationship that grows stronger with the continuing entanglement between business and customer.
  • Social media with its multiple platforms has integrated itself seamlessly into our lives.   The ease of which it can be rolled onto mobile platforms only further enhances its entanglement.   Our reach, our circle of influence and overall commitment to, and reliance on cyberspace has never been greater.
  • 62% of adults worldwide are reaping the rewards that social media has to offer[1]. And all signs point to this number increasing.   Wow!   Is your business on it . . . entangled . . . shouting out . . .  sharing?

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that 2017 is going to be social.  The choice will be in what colour? On what platform?  On what device will you and your customer enjoy your social tonic . . . the beat of your social drum!

So if your recruitment business is going to stay relevant, it had better be social too. So don’t let today’s ROI figures stand in the way of your social media strategy.  The benefits of social recruitment do not merely start and end with an equation based on dollars and cents.   Some of the more intangible benefits for the recruitment industry are as follows and are closely related to some of the benefits mentioned above:

  • Wide Reach – With Facebook holding the attention of 43% of the world’s internet users for an average of 26 minutes per day,[2] it makes sense to leverage your recruitment business on the Facebook platform.  It provides recruiters with a large audience of potential candidates that were previously an untapped source.
  • Quick Sharing – When a position opens, posting it on a social networking site can instantly help you spread the word to attract remote talent. With Likes, +1’s, Retweets, and Shares only a click away, spreading the word about an open position to a broad audience is quick, fast and efficient.
  • A new talent resource! –  When competition for talent is fierce, finding the very best candidates can be challenging.   Social networking gives you the ability to reach out to passive or hard to find candidates that would be difficult to reach using traditional recruitment methods (ie. newspaper advertising or job board postings).

Investing your time and effort in social recruitment is a long play.   It’s about cultivating relationships over time through a powerful and pervasive social medium.  So set out today to build a lush and blooming online community that provides fresh talent on a daily basis! Don’t discount social recruitment on the basis of there being no ‘easy to calculate’ ROI.

So what will your business look like in five years? The answer should be, “in five years my business will be booming because I played it smart and embraced the social medium. In 2017, my business will be reaping the rewards of the long play!”