The Digital Take Away

When meeting someone for the first time, we quickly throw their name into Google and wait for what comes back.   We then busy ourselves with a quick overview of their digital footprint.  

If we can get a better understanding about our audience; about the person we are about to meet; about our future prospects; then we create more opportunities for ourselves in our real time conversations with those people.   People can quickly be provided with a granular understanding of our professional person.   This is important.  

Today, there is a tendency for things to be played out in digital first.  The meet and greet has now been virtualised.   Hence, the importance of having a rich, colourful and content fuelled footprint.   People want to embark on a process of discovery before meeting you in person.   They want to read your digital profile like a map that is taking them to their chosen destination.   The greater the detail, the easier it is to navigate, which only contributes to a smoother journey around your person. 

There is no escaping it.   Our lives have been over shadowed by our digital footprint.   That very footprint is our modern day birthmark.   People look for it and have an expectation that they will find it.   And when they find it, they take the time to dissect it; to translate it; to understand it in their effort to draw some quick and ready insights into the person they are about to engage with.  

Put simply, your digital birthmark builds trust into your business relationships.   People today buy relationships; they buy your why.   And they want to buy into this relationship before the relationship has even commenced.

Make no mistake, your profile, whether rich and colourful or dull and boring is under constant review and assessment.   People, from a distance, from the safety of their armchair are verifying what people say about you.   They surf across your profile and assess the experience from start to end.   If they like what they read, they will engage and make contact.   If they don’t, they will move on and will forever hold a view about you and your offering on the basis of what they have read.

Don’t make the mistake and think that social is a silo that you can choose to ignore!   It is the space where you must play with increasing regularity.   A place where you engage with your customers and with your greater audience.   It is a place where people ‘go deep’ on who you are and what you are about.   A place where you can listen to what is being said about you, your offering, your industry and your brand.   It is a place where your reality connects with the virtual world.  

 Use social wisely!   The world is listening!  It is willing to share the uniqueness that is you at the click of that social share icon!