The Jimmy Report

This year a very good client started his own personalised report that gets circulated on a daily basis.   A report that lists the action items of his day, records the success stories, the failures and where work needs to be done.   It’s called the Jimmy Report.

Because I am working closely with him, I get the Jimmy Report daily.   It makes for a very interesting read.   It immediately places me in the picture.   I can see where work needs to be done and I can see where our plans and strategies have been successful and where they have come unstuck.

It got me thinking that this personalised report keeping is important as it helps to keep our person in check and under control.  We report on everything else, why not report on the status of our person?   The body gets measured at our gym assessments and our work budgets and KPIs are strictly scrutinised, so having your own personalised report might keep you honest and help you work toward achieving those goals that always seem to be beyond your grasp.   It just might help stop your procrastination!

I have had heaps of fun with the Jimmy Report.   It is funny; full of wit; it bleeds with hard work and at times frustrations; and it keeps everyone up to date and on the right page.  It makes sense to employ this type of report keeping when you are aiming for that next big goal!  Start yours today!