UMOT stands for the “Ultimate Moment of Truth!”

Brian Solis describes the UMOT as the truth that your customer expresses back into social media channels, being those channels that influenced their decision to purchase your service or product in the first instance. Solis is a great advocate of the UMOT and the ability it has to provide positive influence back to your brand.

The best thing about the UMOT is the fact that it has the ability to influence current and prospective customers about your brand.  It is a self perpetuating cycle.  Get the UMOT right, and you will create a positive influence for your brand. Get it wrong, and you will be wearing that mistake for quite some time.

The UMOT is your ability to influence what people share about your brand; your service; your product; your value proposition; your point of difference.

It is very important to get the UMOT correct today in the social arena.  Peer to peer trust has never been higher.  People look to the recommendation of others to determine whether they should buy that service or product from your organisation.

Those organisations that say “social is not for us” are today at a distinct disadvantage.  Today, being part of social is not a decision or a choice.  It is mandatory.  It is only a choice if you want to be part of “yesterday’s news print”.

Not being in social will see your customers and prospective customers creating their Ultimate Moment of Truth about your brand, service and product without your influence.  They will then take to the social airways with their positive, negative or indifferent comments about your brand.  And you won’t even know that they are talking about it, because you have chosen not to be part of it!

So not to be involved in social brings about a significant cost. I like to call this the “COI”; the Cost of Inaction.  So start to influence your organisation’s UMOT today and embrace the social conversation.