The Zero Moment Of Truth by Google

The following insights are taken from the Google ZMOT Handbook, Ways To Win Shoppers At The Zero Moment Of Truth:

  • ZMOT is being universally embraced as the new critical moment for brands
  • Today shoppers bounce around in a multi-channel marketplace
  • The shopper’s journey looks less funnel like and is more like a flight map
  • Shoppers are now self-directed and unpredictable
  • Search ties the shopper’s flight map together
  • Search is the place where buying research starts and is the place that keeps pushing customers toward conversion
  • The ZMOT flight path is full of pull moments.  It is less about the push of marketing
  • Be consistent with your brand message across TV, tablets and mobile phones and create a great experience on all platforms
  • An incredible 208 million tablets will be sold in 2014.  Tablet time starts in the evening and sees people toggling between devices
  • Don’t solely focus on the brand.  Non-brand searches are the one’s who are not thinking about you yet. That is a market that you still need to focus on
  • To win big today you need to focus on the customer as a whole.  Analyse the customer’s flight path to better understand their digital search habits in and around your brand
  • You don’t have one day to win the search battle. You’re in it for the long haul.  Once you find a customer, keep the dialogue going with them. Use social media, customer service and ZMOT tools to bring them back
  • Help the customer buy with their eyes. Make good use of video.

Get busy creating that great ZMOT entanglement with your customers!