To the Board of Directors! Can your business be consumed at anytime; from any place and from any device?

Have you or your marketing department heard of ZMOT?   It is a Google term.   If you have not heard of it, your customers will be experiencing your ZMOT when they uncover your digital footprint.

ZMOT is the acronym used by Google that stands for the Zero Moment Of Truth.

Business owners are today operating in a multi – channel market place.   Digital devices allow the customer to surf across your commercial offering 24/7 and from any location.

The customer will consume you when they are couch side; tucked up in bed; on a train or at 30,000 feet.   Put simply, it is done on their terms, from their location, from a device of their choosing and at a time that best suits them.

Today we trade in the age of convenience.   Customers today are, and will always be driven by convenience.    That means your digital offering must be convenient; user friendly and it must send a strong message that shouts out your value proposition in a manner that can be deciphered, understood and readily consumed on any device.

The Google ZMOT moment is that moment that sees the digital device being an ‘agent of intervention’; that intervening moment that sees the customer learning about your product from your online offering.   If they are enticed by what’s on offer, if your digital offering is solid and engaging, you have a better chance of closing the sale. If your ZMOT moment disappoints, the customer will be lost to a competitor.

The ZMOT moment can happen at anytime, from any location and from any device.   Today it is all about time, intent and context. How people consume your brand and offering is usually based around time sensitivities; their intent when searching for the service or product and depends on all relevant circumstances.

Let’s face it; we are a busy bunch these days.   So it comes as no surprise to be researching for garden supplies; groceries; toys; and white goods from our tablets and smart phones.   We are driving the home desktop less and less and want to consume product and services ‘on the run’.   This means customers are using their mobile device as the preferred instrument of choice when surfing across your brand.

So what does this all mean?  What is the ROI on optimising your web presence across all devices?

Without getting to heavily bogged down in statistical jargon, let’s keep it simple.

Small business with higher digital engagement have better business outcomes than those with lower engagement, with a $350,000 or 20% increase in annual revenue.[1]

So what should you do?

Pretend for a moment that you are a customer of your service or product.   Go to your site from a mobile device and get on the receiving end of your digital experience.  Did it engage you? What did you like about it?  What frustrated you?

Check out how your competitors are engaging your customers when they surf across their site from a tablet or smart phone.   Make note of your findings and get busy working on how you can improve the digital experience of your brand across mobile platforms.   Your bottom line will love you for it!

[1] Connected Small Business: How Australian small businesses are growing in the digital economy, 2013 (Report prepared by Deloitte Access Economics and commissioned by Google Australia and New Zealand)