What happens in a lift can happen in your reception . . .

Over recent weeks ClickOnSocial has been having many interesting conversations with business owners and professionals about their social entanglement.

Interestingly, there still appears to be quite a degree of conservatism when owners and professionals try to entangle with their audience on a day to day basis.  The social landscape today provides many interesting and colourful ways to interact with a commercial audience.  It is crucial for corporates and professionals to park their conservative attitudes for a moment in order to grasp what is now possible.

From all of my discussions with business owners, there still remains an unpreparedness on their part to fully engage their enterprise within the playground of the social arena.  For many, it is due to a lack of knowledge. For others, it is premised on risk and wanting to first establish strong containment policies that stifle innovation.

I was giving this some further thought the other day whilst taking a lift ride to the thirtieth floor before meeting with a client.  Like many lifts today, there was an electronic screen playing in the top right hand corner.  It was streaming all sorts of information from current affair items; through to the state of the economy; politics and sport.   It certainly gave me a few things to speak about to the receptionist on my arrival for my 2.30 appointment.

Waiting for the lift to arrive at its destination is similar to the wait that we all have when sitting in reception waiting for an appointment.  In both cases, there is a captive audience for a finite period.  The reception wait can usually take between 5 – 10 minutes.  People usually shuffle through papers and magazines to pass the time.

Many of my clients have plasma screens set up in their reception. Unfortunately, these screens play news content; cooking shows and other abstract programs that have nothing to do with their brand or what it is they do on a day to day basis.  So whilst in a lift I can become entangled in current affairs and issues pertaining to economics and politics, I should have the same freedom to entangle with the brand of the organisation I am meeting with by watching their Twitter feed; YouTube content; and other promotional items that celebrate recent successors and victories whilst waiting for the person I am about to meet with.

Using the plasma screen in this way establishes an environment that is perfect for brand entanglement.  It provides clients with rich content.  It keeps them in the know; they have something to chat to you about before the meeting kicks off; you can share more information about how those victories came about and inevitably, the conversation about this material will move on to other discussion items that would not have been possible if the screen wasn’t playing that content in the first place.

So if entanglement can be done in a lift, then it can be done in your reception too! It is not difficult.  It just takes a little bit of thought and some lateral thinking.  It is the perfect way for your brand to be consumed by all those who attend meetings at your office.

Review your plasma vision today.