Women and Pinterest! A market that you can’t ignore!

“Pinterest is becoming the next big name in the social media space.”[1]

Your Pinterest account and your social media strategy should go hand in hand. You simply can’t ignore Pinterest when formulating your social media marketing strategy.   So start picturing your business on Pinterest!

With its sumptuous visual content and easy to navigate site, Pinterest is growing faster than any other social media website. From May 2011 to September 2012, Pinterest, the internet’s biggest pin-board, has grown from 418,000 unique monthly visitors to a hulking 23 million unique monthly visitors in September 2012.[2] This is a blossoming community that is waiting for your engagement!

And the most staggering of statistics – a massive 80% of the site’s 10.4 million unique users (as of early 2012) are women.[3]

Women are enjoying more buying power than ever before.  In Australia and the US women are the decision-makers for 90% of purchases made, and that includes items as diverse as motor vehicles, household goods and financial services. Women are a significant consumer base whose disposable income and buying power is growing.

And as women pin their interests on Pinterest, their pins are turning into sales with Pinterest accounting for 40% of social media driven purchases.

This is a huge slice of the social media sales pie that you don’t want to miss out on! Pinterest has confirmed that your social media strategy cannot ignore women.

Make the Pinterest statistics work for you by:

Securing a Pinterest Presence – Create a channel and build boards featuring your products.

Being informative – Include the price. Pins with prices are 36% more likely to pick up likes than pins showing no price.[4]

Being creative! – Avoid looking spammy by integrating the price of your products creatively into the stunning images you pin on your boards.

Telling a story – Use the images that you post on Pinterest and your other social channels to tell a story about the lifestyle of your brand.

Don’t just post product photos; post images of people wearing, eating, drinking or otherwise consuming your products.  Give your brand a soul by wrapping it in creative imagery and in doing so conjure a specific and unique feel whenever your audience thinks of your organisation.

Crowdsourcing – You don’t have to go it alone! Entangle your consumers by getting them to produce images for you. Give credit where credit is due and entangle your customers further.

“Pinterest is the next big game in the social media space”, and the statistics are speaking for themselves. Stay ahead of the game. Pin your brand!

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