Worthy of being shared?

Generating a great experience in business today is exciting.   Exciting for the business, for the customer and for your audience.

Getting creative with the experience can be a ‘real turn on’ for everyone!   And this is surely the case for those who were involved in the development of Sydney’s new 1888 Hotel.

The Hotel, with its swanky interior first started out in life as a wool warehouse.   Today, after a $30m restoration, it is a luxurious experience with the claim of being the world’s first Instagram hotel.

If you have 10,000 followers on Instagram, then you get a free night’s stay.

The hotel is an experience that has been designed for people to share.   There is a ‘selfie – frame’ set up in the hotel’s lobby to encourage that ‘Intagrammable moment’.

Today, more than ever, your relationship with your audience is about the experience you want to share with them.   Get them engaged by encouraging their use of social sharing technology around your brand!   Let the audience enjoy the relationship they share with you.  Think about how you can make this happen. Embrace all members of your team to get creative about your commercial engagement with your audience!

Check out the 1888 Hotel experience here http://www.1888hotel.com.au/